The Manchester Heritage
Alexander, the 13th Duke
Just the facts 
​​On our coming show, En-Titled Elites, you get the facts about those who trade in image, unearned wealth, and illusions of all kinds.  You can preview how we bring home the realities of all Elites at:

Alexander, the 13th Duke of Manchester inherited the title from his father, the 12th Duke.  

Having a title became a source of income to Alexander which he could scarcely do without, as you will see.  There is a knee-jerk reaction when someone has a title with the weight of centuries and the promise of hefty assets.  

The the Dukes of Manchester began overspending in the late 19th Century and in desperation to perserve some small part of what was once an enormous fortune, began marrying for money at about the same time.  

This worked, for a while.  Then, they found fewer wealthy women who were interested in the kind of life they would have to live to carry a title. 

Alexander is not the first Duke to spend time in jail for felonies.  He was released a few months ago from incarceration in Nevada for charges which included attempted burglary.  

The history above shows you how far they had to fall.  

And we think it is time for a reckoning, one where the illusions go up in laughter.  Because along with the outrages these filks are pretty funny.  

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