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​​The present Duke, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester has an interesting history which you can review on  The Duke & Doxie of Manchester.   The best links are to ARTICLES and TIME LINE

Laura was born in Holly, Michigan, the daughter of a farmer.  There is quite a bit about her life on the website above.  She has consistently refused to provide any information about her earlier life so the show provides a great opportunity for her to share.  Sharing, coming out of fantasy into reality, is good for the soul, you know.  
​​The Duke has been released from the prison in Nevada to which he was consigned after burglarzing a home and being caught in the act.  His other inequities are too many to name here.  

​I'm sure he would be glad for the opportunity to explain what happened.  

Alex was born in Australia and after an early life which included spending time with a mob capo there, by his own report, he spent time in prison in Australia.  

Then, he tried to sell his title.  

SUN JOURNAL, September 21, 1991 Diana's Cousin Selling Title
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Post from The Duke and Doxie of Manchester:

"Psychopaths do not recognize the constraints of reality. 

This list by Dr. Robert Hare will serve to refresh you memory in relation to the Characteristics of Psychopathy
This is because they often act as if whatever they claim, even if it contradicts the sentence immediately preceding it, is true.  Unfortunately, their vehemence and outrage at being challenged all too often causes onlookers to doubt the bald facts. 

More intelligent psychopaths understand they need to provide a more consistent storyline. This verity has apparently slipped through the cracks in the ducal brains, in this Instance.

This is why Alex and Laura had no compunction about making claims which entirely rewrite history.  A brain fever evidently came upon them, or at least Laura, recently and these entirely unsupported assertions and blatant lies appeared online.  

The Reader will understand how the two can do this without batting an eye while assaulting the English language mercilessly, by considering their claim they  attended, as honored guests, Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee in 2012.  

The first claim the Duke and Duchess of Manchester had attended the Diamond Jubilee in London came on June 29, 2012 with a posting on Laura's Flickr Page."  

It's that ghastly jail bird the Duke of Manchester who accused us of murder.  Did YOU invite him?  If so, you are off the short list for the throne!  January 16, 2012

It is wonderful what Photoshop can do!  You can bet the Duke and his Duchess did not receive an invitation to the event.