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                21 - Born:  Kimble William Montagu, son of Mary Eveleen McClure and Angus
                 Montagu Manchester.
               17 - Born:  Emily Louise Evelyn Montagu, daughter of Mary Eveleen McClure and
                  Angus Montagu Manchester.
                      Angus Montagu leaves his wife and children when their new born daughter is
                  five days old.
     February  - Alex started - Geelong Grammer School, Geelong, Victoria, Australia  
               15 - Born:  Wendy Buford, in California, USA
            Divorced: Angus and Mary Montagu 

1971 – 1974 
                    Alex is at: Bancroft School, living with a nanny in a house his Grandfather either owned or rented nearby.

           Alex is at: Kimbolton School, Cambridgeshire, England.
                      23 - Alexander George Francis Drogo Montagu, 10th Duke of Manchester,
                         Alex's grandfather, died. Since there is no record of Montagu's having finished school it is possible his disgusted family, likely his mother, had allowed him to enlist in the military, who gratefully allowed him to leave at this time.
                              Alternatively, he could also have left school at this point, simply changing the story as having left the military.

          February 3 -  Saturday -  Lady M gets injunction  - Makes you wonder what happened.
          November 21 -  Lady M cops a rent writ
                     After a very short time in the Military, by his report, this not documented, Alex
                returned to Australia.
                     Alexander Montagu claims to have worked for Thomas Joseph Fabian Erickson.
                     Montagu identified Erickson as a member of the underworld. He claimed
however, Erickson had kept him drugged. This struck me as strange since the duties required him to repossess automobiles, which required one be quick on one's
feet  and also able to drive reliably.
                      Montagu stated, for publication, he had lived with Erickson and his family for a period of 11 – 12 months during 1983 into 1984. Given the propensity for security
 Erickson, evidently an underworld figure of some power, both in Australia and
around the world. This raised further issues.
                     Alex reports having lived with a criminal, Erickson for 7 months.  Montagu claimed Erickson found him a few days after his return to Australia to find his mother, whose address and phone number were unknown to him. Alex told me he was staying at in very expensive suite at Regent Hotel in a large suite on the 50th floor. He lead me to believe he had plenty of money but did provide any source  for these funds.
                     Erickson, Alex said, greeted him with, “I understand you are looking for your 
mother.” Alex told me he immediately was handed 10 thousand cash, a Walter P5
gun, and a private investigator license and moved into the Erickson home to work for him. It sounded more like a scene out of a movie than reality.
                     The room described by Montagu at the Erickson home in St. Eliza had its own
bathroom and was 'posh,' as was the entire mansion, which was far back from the
 street and approached over a gulley or moat with very tight security, according to
               Montagu, whose work was repossessing cars, he said.
               When Erickson died in 1988 he was still facing 230 charges, including
kidnapping, threats to damage aircraft, blackmail, threats to kill, and sexual assault against minors, according to an article appearing in an Australian paper.
               Montagu had also mentioned Erickson and he conspired to carry out a plot to
kidnap' him, Alex, and extort money from the Manchester Trust for his return.
                Alex expressed no particular shame or comment on this money-making scheme.
                17 - Alex Montagu Manchester marries Marion Johanna Stoner, the  never married mother of two.  
​1984 - Marriage to Marion Stoner

                  5 -  Angus Charles Drogo Montagu succeeded to the title of 12th Duke of 
 Manchester upon the death of his brother, Sidney Arthur Robin George Drogo
 Montagu, 11th Duke of Manchester.  Alexander, his oldest son, succeeded to the 
title, Viscount Mandeville.  
                      ARTICLE  -  by Ian Livingstone Mary and Alexander:  It's a title fight 

                  14 - Alexander, Viscount of Mandeville, is sentenced to jail
                           From The Age -"Duke's heir weeps in dock "
                           From The Sun, "Tears as heir, 22, gets jail" 
               ARTICLE  HERALD - Of broken hearts and coronets,  by Alan Tate The Next
               Duke of Manchester is out of Jail traces the life of an unhappy peer

               Viscount Mandeville released from prison  and ordered to repay West Bank
                     17 - Alex's certificate was signed by His Royal Highness, Prince Leonard,
                        Defender of the Faith, Sovereign for the Principality of Hutt.  The certificate
                        reads, "Viscount Mandeville, Baron Montagu, Duke of Manchester," naming   Alex as an Ambassador at Large to the Principality of Hutt.  See Certificate
                     31 - Thursday
                             Article: A Touch Of Dinky-di Nobility  Sydney Morning Herald
                     Singer Michael Jackson won't be there. His house will.
                    But guests at the $250-per-bidder art auction Sunday won't be allowed into
                    the house, even though getting behind the intimidating iron gate and into the
Encino home was admittedly used as a draw by organizers.
                     8 - ARTICLE - Los Angeles Times Estate-of-the-Art Auction at Michael 
Jackson's Residence,  by Marylouise Oates  "Set to benefit the South African Council of Churches, the auction at the Hayvenhurst Avenue estate hosted by Michael's parents, Joseph andKatherine Jackson, will feature more than 100 pieces of art and "the world's
 second largest pearl, valued at $2 million." MORE

                   ARTICLE - Hollywood Freeway - "There is lots of  Land Down Under His Limo" by Frank Swetlow.

              ARTICLE - May 11 -  Australasian Post May 11, 1991 - Naughty Viscount

1992 - Alexander meets Wendy Buford.  She is gainfully employed and so a target.

1993 - Alexander, facing the possibility of being deported, marries Wendy.
              Marriage Certificate

July 19, 2011 -  Declaration by Kimble Montagu, given for High Court of Justice, Chancery Divison 

          ARTICLE NBC News By Mike Taibbi 3/25/2005 Jackson witness says he’s been threatened

         May 16,  Family Values Manchester Style


         May 28       -   ARTICLE - Mailonline - Duke faces court over a dud cheque
         January 17 - And the Daily Mail Chimes In - Update!

         July - 21  -  ARTICLE - Daily Mail - Duke of Manchester is accused of being a bigamist twice over after marrying wife no.2 and wife no.3 while still married to wife no.1