The Marriage to Marion Stoner

March 17, 1984 - Marriage of Alexander Montagu to Marion Stoner Marriage Certificate

               21 - Alex Montagu Manchester and Marion Johanna Montagu are separated after
                  incidents of violence directed against her children from her previous relationship
                  and her self.  Complaint, filed September 5th.  Police report filed.  Johanne Stoner

August 9, 1984 - Application for Dissolution (Divorce)

August 31, 1984 - Application for Separation

September 5, 1984 - Request for Restraining Order

September 6, 1984 - Letter t
o Alexander, informing him of the ex parte hearing.

September 6, 1984 - Transcript of Proceedings

As you read this transcript you can hear the growing concern of the judge at the idea of having Alex in the courtroom.  It is well to keep in mind the most frightening testimony is coming from Alex's own attorney.  

September 19, 1984 - Court Order extending previous order of court, made September 6th,
until 2nd of October.

October 2, 1984 - Court Order October 2, 1984 Alexander is restrained from molesting, abusing, intimidating, harassing or in any way interfering with the wife.

And so the marrige of this heir of the Manchesters ended.  Sort of.  The divorce did not actually take place until 1996.  In the interim the heir to the Manchesters again married, this time to a 24 year old, young woman who understood the need for hard work and regular employment. But Alexander received a title and became, Alexander, Viscount of Mandeville upon the death of his uncle, the 11th Duke of Manchester.  

1988 - An article appears in a British tabloid, The People, titled, "My Barmy Marriage."

           Alexander, Viscount of Mandeville, met Wendy Buford at a club, handing her one of his heavily embossed cards. 

         May 7 - Marriage of Alexander, to Wendy Buford in the judge's chambers. 
                           Marriage Cerrtificate

August 9, 1996 – Application for Divorce

Application for Non-Payment of Filing Fees

September 27, 1996 - DISSOLUTION Record of Proceeding/Outcome Sheet

October 28, 1996 - Certified Divorce Decree